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4 Essential Personal Finance Tips for People in Their 20s


The internet is full of personal finance tips; however, the most common advice you’ll hear from finance experts and adults close to you is to save and invest early on in life. But, sadly, this advice isn’t often put into action. A post on CNBC reported on a 2019 financial study which focused on young workers aged 18-29 situated in the U.S. Researchers found that the young people are less likely...

4 Financial Concepts Every Adult Should be Familiar With


Financial literacy is key to staying on top of your finances and finding success later in life. Unfortunately, not everyone understands basic financial concepts and few are aware of how they can impact their life. Indeed, MarketWatch reports a clear decline in financial literacy all over the country, with only 34% of Americans able to answer questions about interest rates, inflation, bond prices...

7 Website Blunders That Will Destroy Your Search Engine Rankings (And How You Can Fix Them)


You have a great idea for a business, there’s a gap in the market and you’re excited to launch. The first step is building a website, and you need it fast. So you hire the first web designer you can find. Your website goes live and you’re over the moon! But just a few months later your website STILL isn’t getting any traffic. And you’re left scratching you head, wondering what on earth has gone...

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