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Get free money with a 401k


There are a lot of reasons to contribute to a 401k, which is why more than 60 million people have one and one-fifth of all retirement funds are held in 401(k)s. One of the top reasons is that what you contribute reduces your taxable income by whatever you contribute. The contribution limit for 2023 is $22,500 and additional $7,500 if you’re older than 50 years old. One top of that, if your...

All You Need to Know About Debt Funds


When we hear the word ‘debt’ we usually think of liabilities. However, the term debt fund is different as it has nothing to do with liabilities. It is an investment avenue that can help you make decent profits. In this article, we’ll explain debt fund meaning and everything else you need to know about the concept.  What is Debt Fund? Debt fund meaning can be a little tricky to understand. It can...

4 Financial Concepts Every Adult Should be Familiar With


Financial literacy is key to staying on top of your finances and finding success later in life. Unfortunately, not everyone understands basic financial concepts and few are aware of how they can impact their life. Indeed, MarketWatch reports a clear decline in financial literacy all over the country, with only 34% of Americans able to answer questions about interest rates, inflation, bond prices...

Why is Diversification Important?


“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.” Warren Buffett Whether you’re an angel investor or someone looking at a good option to invest your money in, diversification is something you must know about and practice. More people should know the definition of diversification or how to use the strategy. Most investors only look at...

What Causes Inflation: Your Guide to Why Money Loses Value


In a hot and dusty suburb of Recife, Brazil in 1994 I shopped for my weekly groceries. I stood amazed looking at the entire isle of just beans and rice. Every trip to the local grocery store continued to amaze me at how much beans and rice Brazilians eat. It was stacked up on palettes. Lots of them. Not even modern-day Costco has piles of products the way Brazilian stores have beans and rice. I...

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