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Pricing & Positioning


Pricing your product is a question we all struggle with.  If we price low, we potentially lose out on money, but pricing too high we could lose sales.  It’s tricky, but there’s more to it than that.  It depends on the kind of business you want.  Do you want a lot of clients paying a small amount, like Netflix, or a few high priced clients like Nordstroms? We also discuss how to know...

How to Price Your Product or Service


How you price your product or service makes a big difference on what kind of business you build.  We discuss how to think about different pricing options and what kind of customers you will attract. For example, do you want to be known as the low-cost leader, like Wal-Mart or know for quality and customer service like Nordstrom?  As the old saying goes, there are 3 components to a product or...

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