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The Bezos Vision for Humanity


In a previous article, I outlined why I think Elon Musk’s vision of massive settlements on Mars is suboptimal and not the best use of money and resources. Mars has many problems, like high levels of radiation, low gravity, it’s very far away, it’s very cold and it’s in a gravity well. Not only is it very difficult to get there, it would be very uncomfortable and...

Eating out is triple bad for you


Eating out at a restaurant is usually a pleasure unless you live on the outer edge of a tropical island like I do where there aren’t many restaurants. Those that we do have are not any better than Applebee’s. Before moving here we didn’t eat out that much, but now we rarely eat out. So why don’t we eat out? Because eating out is triple bad for you. I’m not going to...

Musk vs Bezos in space. Whose vision is better?


The Soviet Union sent the first person, Yuri Gagarin, into space on April 12, 1961. Other milestones soon followed, culminating in the United States landing on the moon on July 20, 1969. We haven’t yet been back to the moon, although a race is on right now and there should be a flood of humans landing on the moon starting in 2024. Even though we haven’t yet been back to the moon, we...

An ordinary life is a good life


American culture says you have to be extraordinary. The culture encourages and praises high achievers. After all, the American Dream says that anyone can make it. Anyone can be president or a billionaire, rock star, movie star or CEO. Many young people want to be famous and rich and every entrepreneur wants to be Elon Musk or King James. However, the vast majority won’t be any of those and...

We are rich. We just don’t believe it.


In A.D. 26 the Roman Emperor Tiberius, the successor to Augustus Caesar (yes, that Caesar, of Caesar Salad fame.), semi-retired to the small island of Capri, Italy. He was tired of the politics of Rome and fearful of the assassination rumors. So he left for Mediterranean island life and most of the governing duties were left to Sejanus and the Praetorians. He built himself 12 palaces on the...

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