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Trending Towards Shorter Workdays


A couple of years ago I was in a French class in Paris with students from all over the world, learning about the work habits of countries around the world. The teacher went around the room asking us each to tell us about the vacation habits in our countries. I soon became quite embarrassed of the work-life imbalance of American culture. Everyone in the room shared their country’s standard 10...

The tyranny of small decisions: how they add up


In 1888 Bertha and her 2 sons, Eugen and Richard, set off on what would be the world’s first road trip – 180 km from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany. This road trip is considered dangerous, but necessary to demonstrate the usefulness and viability of her husband’s recent invention, the automobile. It is a small decision that will change the lives of billions and set in motion industries around the...

The lonely freedom of working at home


My father-in-law is the Insurance Commissioner for our state. At a dinner last year he was telling me about the Governor’s new initiative to encourage more state workers to work from home. He’s in charge of a pilot program for his department and is surprised by the initial results. The realities of working at home are not what was expected.

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