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Facebook “likes”, Periscope, and Getting Clients


Does getting a lot of Facebook “likes” really matter?  Listen to this before spending a lot of money on a “like” ad campaign. Having a Facebook page for your company has changed a lot in the past few years and continues to change.  It used to be that you could put up a page and get a lot of engagement as tons of people saw the content you published.  Once Facebook went...

When to incorporate & Facebook Ads tracking


When to incorporate is one of the first questions new business owners ask.  Should you spend time and money getting “official” before you’ve even tested the viability of your product?  Also, some comments about Facebook Ads tracking.

Will anyone buy your new product?
Do this first when starting a company
Testing product viability before launch

Facebook Groups Are Taking Off


After neglecting Groups for many years, Facebook is now putting a lot of time into Groups and many users are reaping the benefits.   Facebook groups are taking off! So what’s the difference between Pages and Groups and how can you use each?  They each have a different purpose. Pages are like Profiles for organizations A Page is like a profile for a company, brand, band...

Facebook Video is Killing YouTube


YouTube has dominated the online video landscape for years, but that has changed.  We’ve been doing tests with our content and client content and without a doubt Facebook video is killing YouTube in terms of views and engagement. Views are partially dependent on how many “subscribers” or “followers” you have in a channel.  Marketers and brands can build up their...

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