Facebook "likes", Periscope, and Getting Clients – Trajan King

Facebook “likes”, Periscope, and Getting Clients

Does getting a lot of Facebook “likes” really matter?  Listen to this before spending a lot of money on a “like” ad campaign. Having a Facebook page for your company has changed a lot in the past few years and continues to change.  It used to be that you could put up a page and get a lot of engagement as tons of people saw the content you published.  Once Facebook went public and had to start making more money, that changed.

Nowadays, nearly nobody will see your content unless you pay for it by publishing ads. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as Facebook (and Instagram) is one of the best ways to reach targeted potential clients.

There may be other options to get clients, which we discuss in this episode.  Plus, more on Periscope and getting clients.

Note: this video was published when Periscope was popular. We talked about their demise in an article about trends in social media.



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