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Posting Natively Helps You Not Look Stupid

Recently I spoke at a world record-breaking* authority marketing summit about website conversions. This included driving the right kind of traffic to your website using social. We got several questions about how to get the most out of social media accounts.

I spend a lot of time working on social for my companies and my clients and there’s one thing we do, that we should all stop doing now:

Posting the same thing at the same time to all social media channels.

Why?  Because when you do, your audience doesn’t have an incentive to follow you on other platforms. You miss out on the chance to connect with people on the native platform.

For example, posting a picture to Instagram and then sharing it to Twitter doesn’t work nearly as well for conversions because Twitter posts a link, instead of a picture.

Compare the 2 below.  The top one was shared from Instagram, while the bottom one was posted natively.  Which is more engaging?  Which do you think gets more clicks?  (Hint: the one with the big, obvious picture!)

Twitter good / bad native examples

The better way to do it is to post natively.

Don’t take my word for it.  In one of my most popular interviews, I sat down with a former VP of Branding at Nike (now the VP of Marketing for the Utah Jazz NBA team) and he walked me through how Nike launches their products and he offers some great tips on how to make your accounts more engaging.

* We broke the record for the longest online event ever.

Watch the Nike interview here

Former VP of Branding (and current VP of Marketing for the Utah Jazz), Nate Randle, discusses how he launched several successful products at Nike and other companies using social media strategy.

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