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Moderation in all things.  That’s what they say. Whoever “they” are apparently have never worked on their own business. It’s tough to have moderation when you’re knee deep in spreadsheets. After we pull all-nighters we feel like heroes because we’re giving 110% (mathematically impossible), going the extra mile (unless you’re in the U.S., Myanmar or Liberia), leaving it all out of the field or my all-time least favorite – hustling!

Having a life and also working can be tricky. It’s often called having work-life balance. Many attempt it and some even say it can’t be done. I call it lifestyle. What it is and how to strive for it to live a better, more productive and happy life, while also having a successful business is what we explore in this section.

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Hey hey. I'm Trajan. I'm a minimalist entrepreneur who loves exploring the world (42 countries), learning new things (7 languages) and trying to get better every day (working on my backsquat).

I write about entrepreneurship and building an optimized and happy life through systems, good habits and scientific research.

Join me and we'll discover how we can build businesses we can be proud of.