What are we really working for? – Trajan King

What are we really working for?

Why do we put ourselves through the self-imposed trials of entrepreneurship?  I got thinking about this after a deep conversation with my 3 year old niece.  As I was leaving for work we had this conversion:

3 year old:  Where are you going?

Trajan: To the office.

3 year old: Why?

Trajan:  To work.

3 year old: Why?

Trajan: To make money.

3 year old: Why?

Trajan: So I can buy things?

3 year old: Why?

Trajan: So…I…uh…hmmm.

I got stuck there. This smart, little 3 year old made me stop and ponder: what am I really doing this all for?  It’s not really for the money to buy things.  It’s more than that.  Why do we put ourselves through the Trough of Sorrow and work so hard to make our dreams come true?

The answer is different for everyone and each of us must ask the question and state the answer.  If you can clearly state the answer to that question and believe it’s a good reason, remind yourself of what that reason is next time you have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning or find yourself working on a Saturday evening.

Write that motivating reason somewhere you’ll see it every day so every day you’re working for a purpose and not just going to the office to earn money to buy things.  That’s not a very lofty goal.  Working for a higher purpose will be much more motivating and more satisfying.

What’s your motivating reason for working?  Post it below.

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