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Leave Your Job & Occam’s Razor

A common question I get from people who want to leave their job to become entrepreneurs is, “When should I take the leap and quit my job?”  It can be scary and intimidating, but most of the time people get overwhelmed with excitement and jump too soon, without testing their assumptions to find out if anyone really wants what they’re planning to make.

When to leave your job

It’s a tough decision figuring out when it’s time to go out on your own. If you have a venture on the side while still being employed full-time, how do you know when it’s time to leave and go full-time? There are risks of staying and risks of going.

Know the risk

As The Clash sang, “If you stay there will be trouble. If you go it will be double.” Staying means you have less time to commit to working on your own thing. If you go it means leaving the security of your existing job for something somewhat unknown.

We talk about how to minimize those risks in the video below.

Also, in today’s Startup Q&A, we talk about that and how using the principle of Occam’s razor can help you simplify your personal and business life to leave more time for the things that are important to you.

0:00 – When to leave your job
3:20 – Using Occam’s razor to simplify
4:20 – The easiest company set up
6:20 – What Peter Drucker says about efficiency

What can you simplify?


Do this first when starting a company?

Will anyone buy your product? 

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