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How we learn


Knowing how to learn is a skill that has far-reaching implications. The benefits of knowing how we learn and being an effective learner reach every part of our life. The sooner we understand how our brains work, how we retain knowledge and learn from data and experiences, the sooner we’ll reap the benefits of that learning.

I’ve set out to study how we learn for this reason. It’s a complicated subject, so I’m examining research and data that uncover how our brains work.  The fascinating part about this is the fact that each of us learns and retains knowledge in a slightly different way, although there are enough commonality that make techniques for learning applicable to each of us.

Learning a language is an area where you can put a lot of the learning skills to use since it requires you focus on speaking, memorizing, communicating and putting into immediate practice what you’re studying.

We look at language learning skills in the Language Learning section.

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