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Why You Should Use Infographics

Infographics are a growing trend in the world of Internet and content marketing. Infographics take information, often statistical and otherwise boring to read in plain text, and transform them into an aesthetically pleasing graphic that’s easy to read and understand. They can also be used to tell a story about you, your company, or a particular product or service you’re promoting. There are several reasons why you should use them as part of your marketing strategy.

Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key part of building trust with your audience. If you design a highquality infographic with your logo and business name on it, people will start to become more aware of your brand.

Establish Expertise

One of the best things about an infographic is the fact that sources for the information is included at the end. This helps you to automatically establish, or further your credibility and expertise on a subject.

Easy to Share

People are more likely to share images on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest because it is more visually appealing and engaging than plain text. People generally only scan text and remember things that grab their attention. Infographics are a wonderful way to grab attention.

Easy to Embed

If people want to share the information you gathered in your infographic, but don’t want to write boring text and don’t have the resources required to make their own infographic, they can easily embed your graphic to share with their audience. Not only does this help increase brand awareness because your graphic is spreading, but it includes a link back to the original source of the graphic, which is your site. The extra bonus for you is backlink building, which also helps with search engine optimization.


Plain text rarely goes viral. Videos and graphics are much more likely to go viral for the simple fact that they are more visually appealing and engaging. When something goes viral, it spreads far, and fast. If your business has something that goes viral, you’re definitely going to see a spike in traffic, and hopefully sales.

The trend of Infographics is still in its infancy when compared to other marketing tools such as social media, but they have taken off quickly. The trend does not appear to be dying anytime soon. If you’re not savvy in graphic design, you can outsource the project to any number of freelancers or agencies who are experts in the matter.

What are some of the ways you may use infographics to promote your business?

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