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When’s the Best Time to Post Social Media Updates

With differences in time zones, it’s hard to know the best time to post on social media or send an email marketing message. So when’s the best time to post social media updates?

Best Time to Post on Social Media

Before we start, let’s be clear, the best time to post on TikTok differs from the best time to post on Instagram or other social media networks.

After conducting some research, it has been determined that there are certain practices we should follow when posting your messages to get the best return on investment.

Unfortunately, no matter what time you post any sort of marketing material, it will not reach everyone in your target audience.

For best results, you should use a variety of different marketing platforms and techniques such as email marketing, text message marketing, and social media. Varying these campaigns and the time that you implement them will help extend your overall reach into your audience.

BEST TIME TO SEND TEXT MESSAGES: Mid to Late Afternoon Hours

Recent studies indicate that cell phones are most often used between the hours Noon and 6 PM. It is best to send promotional text messages during this window. However you should remember that almost 95% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. This means this it the fastest way your material will be spread. It is also critical to avoid sending these messages when most of your audience will be driving home from work. You do not want to encourage texting and driving.

WORST TIME TO SEND EMAILS: Avoid Sending Email Marketing Messages Before 9 AM

If you send that email marketing glass anytime before 9 AM you’re taking a chance. Quite a few people read email before work. However, if they get a lot of email, yours will not be sitting at the top of the email box.

People generally read what’s at the top first which means they may never make it down to yours. When they do, is more likely to be deleted than actually read.  For best results, you should send email blast during lunch break hours because people are away from work. Alternatively, you can send them in the evening when they are able to respond on their own timeline.


The ideal time for social media status updates is in the evening hours after people have gotten home from work, cooked dinner, and put the kids to bed. This is the most amount of time that people have free during the day and when your message is most likely to be seen by the majority of your audience.

Another reason for this is that most social media networks are banned from corporate computer networks which means people cannot check your social media websites during the workday. Facebook data indicates that statuses posted on Thursdays are more likely to be seen in those posted on any other day the week.

This is all you need to know about the best time to post on social media. Remember that the timing of online marketing is very critical to success. However, different marketing methods require different timing and frequency. The best time to post on Facebook is not the same as the best time to post on Pinterest, for example.

That’s why it’s best, if possible, to use scheduling platforms such as HootSuite to help automate the process for you. This will enable you to set up a queue of updates and have them post even when you are not available at the computer to do it yourself.

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