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Testing product viability before launch

Eudonni and Gravidi asked some questions about developing a product and testing the product viability.  Namely, how do you test whether or not anyone will buy it and at what point should you look at patenting your idea?  We break it down in this episode of “Startup Q&A”.

Without knowing if anyone wants to buy your product or use your service, you may waste a lot of time and money. Testing before your launch can save you a lot of headache. You’ll know what the market wants and often can evolve your product to be a much better solution that people are willing to pay for.

If you have a product, how did you test it before you launched?

0:30 – How to test a product idea? Test the idea without putting in much time and effort.
0:50 – What assumptions are you making?
1:30 – Using Kickstarter to test your idea
3:25 – The Kickstarter cooler failure that became the most successful Kickstarter product ever
4:20 – When should you patent your product? Is a patent worth it?

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