Artificial Intelligence Has Us Surrounded! – Trajan King

Artificial Intelligence Has Us Surrounded!

Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot in 2015 because it was a landmark year. We’re going to hear a lot more about it in 2016 and beyond because progress is happening quickly – and getting faster each year. Many say we’ve hit a turning point where it’s finally here and starting to change our lives. It’s worth examining what the future holds for AI and Us and how it will affect your business opportunities.

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0:00 – AI is here! OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Uber and others

1:25 – The quickly changing landscape will affect your business

2:15 – It’s not the Terminator, dammit!

2:40 – The 3 types or stages of AI

6:50 – It’s not anthropomorphic – not evil or good. Computers just do what you design it to do.

7:30 – Computing massive amounts of data will change business

8:00 – Possible dangers of AI : A world of paperclips

9:00 – The world is about to change, which means risk and opportunities for business

10:15 – Get ahead of the curve now

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