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Recommended Resources


Below is a list of some of the best products I’ve used to manage money, invest and run a business. There are a lot more that I’ve tried but didn’t include on this list because they aren’t the best. I tried to narrow it down to the most useful.
Disclosure: some are affiliates so I may earn money if you sign up for them.

Saving Money

Airbnb – invaluable for travelers and anyone who wants to make money on the side. I’ve stayed in Airbnbs around the world while renting my house out at home to pay for my travel. It helped make it possible for me to live in Paris and Rome.

Policy Genius – a useful site for getting the best rates on different types of insurance.

Republic Wireless – if you’re sick of paying a lot for your cell service, this company offers a great alternative.


Personal Capital – one you’re out of debt and ready to start saving a good chunk of your income, it helps so much to track it and watch your wealth grow. I also use, but add Personal Capital to specifically track investments and look at your fees, asset allocation and any areas of improvement.

Credible – I haven’t used Credible, but have heard great things about it because you can apply for a mortgage in one place and get quotes from their marketplace.

Fundrise & Crowdstreet – a good asset allocation includes real estate. It’s been shown the decrease volatility while keeping returns constant. If you don’t want to be a landlord or don’t have a lot of money to put into it, these new platforms are a great alternative to own properties directly. Their different than REITs, which trade like mutual funds, in that you own a piece of a property, instead of a large portfolio of properties.

Digit – I used this app for about a year and it’s a lot of fun. It periodically debits a small amount of money from your account and put it into a savings account for you. It’s a small amount so you don’t notice, but it adds up over time. It won’t get your retirement funding, but it’s a fun way to save up for something.

Online business

ConvertKit – one of the top email and lead capture platforms for bloggers with cool features like being able to easy delivery a PDF to someone who signs up for your email list.

Bluehost – one of the best email hosts around.

Freshbooks – invoicing is essential for any business. Freshbooks has great automated and tracking systems.

Canva – I’m not a designed so Canva has been a real big help as a resource to design images, banners and social media posts.


IE Languages – study sheets for many languages make it easy to learn useful phrases and grammar. I’ve used this site a lot when I want to quickly learn or review points of grammar or learn a new vocabulary list.

Verb cards – when I learned my first language, someone at the school had made a verb card and handed them out to everyone. It’s a small, laminated reference card that has the grammar rules and conjugations in an easy to read format. I’d carry this card with me 24/7 to refer to anytime I got stuck. I’ve since made other cards. You can print off the PDF, cut them up and put the 2 sides back to back and laminate it.

Here’s they are:
Italian (credit to Mark Holt)
Spanish – still working on this one.

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