WATCH: How to find ideas for a product. It's easier (and harder) than you think. – Trajan King

WATCH: How to find ideas for a product. It’s easier (and harder) than you think.

How to find great ideas for products and companies is something that comes up a lot in the Invincible Robots community.  Let’s break it down in this video.


0:20 – Start where you’re dissatisfied. Find a problem to solve. Ask people where their pain points are. Make a list of all the pain points you encounter.

3:00 – Evaluation the assumptions you’re making

3:30 – Build a minimum viable product solution

4:30 – Get feedback. Not getting any sales is feedback.

4:45 – Pivoting may be an option.

If you’re new around here and don’t know what we do, Invincible Robots is video training for entrepreneurs.  It was started by some guys who have been startup founders and investors for 20+ years.  We’ve grown a community of other startup founders who help and support each other and have a library of 15+ courses that help entrepreneurs grow businesses they can be proud of.

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Defining Vision, Strategy & Tactics

We filmed an entire 8 part course on defining your vision, strategy and tactics because we feel it’s important to get your bearings when starting or running a company.  Knowing why your company exists and what it’s purpose is, gives you direction and makes it so much easier to make decisions.  It will save you so much time, effort and money!

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