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You Don’t Need Motivation. You Need Education!

There are so many resources, inspirational books and motivational videos on the Internet.   I really enjoy reading and watching a lot of them.  There are a lot of people who do a great job motivating entrepreneurs by telling inspirational stories of people who have succeeded.  It’s entertaining and fun to read and watch those stories. You should ignore all of them. You Don’t Need Motivation.

We live in an environment that offers us a constant stream of motivation and inspirational content.  If you like a page on Facebook from most entrepreneurs or media content targeting business people, your stream will become filled with inspirational content.  A lot of it is pretty good.

Stop reading it!

You’re wasting productive time.

Go to work.

Most books for entrepreneurs are just full of inspirational stories with little actually content that will help you grow your business.  I know.  I’ve read about every classic business book there is.  I’ve spent hours and hours in Barnes & Noble sitting in the “Business Education” isle reading those book.   It’s fun and made me feel good, but I don’t count it as business time.  That time is play time.  It’s leisure.   Why?  Because it doesn’t help me make any sales or grow my business.

You don’t need to be inspired.  You need to just get working and make some sales.

Reading one more story or watching one more video about how others have done it is fun, so keep it in that category.  Read and watch that on the weekends.  It’s not work.

It’s so easy to get sucked in to to watching that content, especially on social media.  Don’t do it during the day.  Don’t look at your Facebook stream during the day and for the sake of Pete, don’t open Buzzfeed. Ever!  You’ll get sucked into a black hole from which there is no escape.  You’ll snap out of it hours later and realize you have not accomplished any work.

If you need to constantly be motivated, then there’s something wrong with your business.

Getting a sale and making money is the most motivational thing you can do.  That lifts your spirits and gives you a shot in the arm more than any video or cute story can do.

You don’t need to hire a coach to motivate you.  You need to go do the work.  Hiring someone to tell you that you can do it is a waste of time and money.  If you want help and encouragement, join a mastermind group or a group of entrepreneurs who can help with you learn business skills and make the right decisions for your business and who will help you be accountable.

Spend time on education instead

Getting educated, learning skills, having a mentor and continually learning the skills you need to build a business is something worth spending time and money on.  Getting motivated and “getting your mind right” is going to make you feel good for a short time, but you’ll feel empty and frustrated if you don’t have the sales to back it up.

I invite you to join our community of entrepreneurs to get the training, support and accountability that will actually make a difference in your business.

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