WATCH: Making your Instagram feed pop! How to Stand Out in a Crowded World – Trajan King

WATCH: Making your Instagram feed pop! How to Stand Out in a Crowded World

Want to make your Instagram feed pop?

Bry Cox, international photographer, and Trajan discuss his tips for making pictures on Instagram look incredible. For starters, consider having a separate account for your business with professional photos or pictures that fit your brand and a personal account that you use for fun. While there may be some overlap, different types of pictures are appropriate for each account.

How can you ensure you have a great photo?

The litmus test for Bry’s personal account is, “Do I like it?” On the other hand, for his professional account he asks, “Would my clients like it? Does it tell a good story for my audience and show off my work?” Remember that audience you’re trying to reach and speak to them through your photos.

The photos in your feed should have the same theme and look and be true to your brand.  An off-brand photo looks out of place and throws off the look of your feed.  Don’t be afraid to delete pictures that don’t look like they fit.

product Pictures

If you sell products, the keep in mind that display images especially should be high quality images with a theme, but not just a picture of the product. The images that work best are the ones that show people with the product in action and aren’t presented like a catalog. People want to see fun and interesting photos on Instagram. Remember, Instagram isn’t a place for your product catalog.


Feel free to delete and curate pictures on your feed that no longer fit in with your theme or direction of your company. For example, after Christmas, you may not want to show your promotional pictures anymore, because they’re irrelevant and outdated. It’s okay to delete them.

Bry cautions against using natural lighting when shooting products. Make sure you get high quality photos, especially if you’re going to repurpose the photo and put it on a website or blow it up. Pictures look different on a phone than they do other places, so while a picture from your cell phone may look great on Instagram, it may not translate well to other mediums.

“Your feed shouldn’t be 100% inspirational quotes.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Lastly, and somewhat of a personal preference, is one of Trajan’s pet peeves: Instagram accounts for businesses that only have inspirational quotes. People want to see variety that keeps their interest.  What do you think?  Do you like those kinds of accounts?

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?  What’s you account?  Post them below.  We’d love to check them out and feature them here on the blog!

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