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How to Find New Ideas to Write About in Your Niche

When you first establish yourself in your niche, it can be incredibly easy to find things to write about because you’ve not covered anything yet. But, as time goes on and you begin to become a credible source or an expert in your niche, it can become more difficult to find things to write about. Rather than stop writing, you need to come with fresh, new ideas, preferably ones someone else in your niche hasn’t already covered. Here are some ways to keep fresh content rolling off the “presses.”

Look Back at Your Old Content

This is an ideal option for blogs that have been around a while. If you’ve previously covered the holidays, cover them again this year, with a new perspective. Think about what’s changed since the last time you addressed them, and how you can turn that into new content. You can always link back to the old content to encourage new readers to go back and look, too. It helps keep people on your site longer, which also helps with search engine optimization.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to get an email any time a new result pops up in the search engines related to your keyword. Many people use Google Alerts on their name or business name to find out how quickly new content they’ve produced gets indexed, but this is an excellent way to keep up with industry news.

Visit Niche Related Forums

Take a look around niche related forums. Often, you’ll see a conversation or two that you can use as inspiration. For instance, if you see the same question asked several times and you know the answer, it’s safe to assume that many others want the answer to that question as well. Write a post that answers the question, and then go back to the forum. Answer the thread, and link to the post saying you’ve provided a more detailed answer there. It will help draw traffic to your site, too.

Look through Books and Magazines

Books and magazines haven’t fallen by the wayside to digital media yet. Look through niche related publications to see if you can spark an idea for a post based on the magazine story, or a chapter of a book. You can always use these as sources for supporting your information, as well.

Read Other Blogs in the Niche

This goes back to the first idea in the sense that when you read other blogs in the niche, you don’t want to copy them and repeat what they have said. Instead, use their blogs as inspiration. As you read the content, look for a way you can take the topic and add your perspective, or make it more appealing to your target audience. If you’re not using direct competition, link back to that post to show where you’re drawing your comparison or how you formed your opinion.

Using any or all of these tips can help you generate a new list of content ideas. We recommend writing all your ideas down, whether you use them or not, so you can go back to this list when you need new inspiration.

What are some of the ways you come up with to find new ideas to write about in your niche?

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