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How Not to Pitch Investors

Finding money can be an important part of starting a company. However, it may not be necessary as we cover here.  But if you are looking for funding, be mindful of doing it the right way.   Pitching to someone you want to work with or asking them for money is a subtle art.  There’s a right way and a wrong way.  In the video below we discuss how NOT to pitch to investors.

Why did I feel it important to discuss how not to pitch investors? Because an a sometimes angel investor, I get pitched occasionally and most people do it terribly wrong. First of all, they make it all about themselves and their needs without consideration for my time or money. As Mark Holt, one of the co-founders of Blue Host and now angel investor, said in his talk at our conference, investors must learn how to speak the Language of Capital.

If you’re serious about raising money, watch the video below and then watch Mark’s excellent talk. Also, take a look at our course of creating a pitch deck and how to do it the right way so investors will want to talk to you.

We also cover the mentality that gets you promoted in a corporate job is not going to be as useful in a startup.  It takes an entirely different kind of mentality, which requires a mental shift if you’re switching from one world to another.

Related: check out our course on creating an effective pitch deck in the membership.

Lies we tell startups: Funding

The funding ecosystem

The language of capital with Mark Holt (co-founder of Blue Host)


0:00 How not to pitch someone you want to work with
0:55 Pitching to NBA players
1:20 How to pitch the right way
2:00 Why Facebook ads are so great
3:00 What value can you provide to your JV partner?
4:05 Corporate mindset
4:50 Life at the corporate level
5:20 Moving quickly is vital at a startup
6:30 Corporate vs. startup thinking

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