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Keep Yourself Safe from Hackers

Many businesses have been ruined by hackers. In fact, one of my businesses. It was a horrible experience when I found out hackers had attacked and infiltrated an online game I ran. We tried for nearly a year to keep the hackers away, but once they set their sites on our game, it was very difficult. We all know hackers are out there, but they always attack someone else.

Why would they attack our sites? My site was just a game. It’s not like it was a bank full of gold. It didn’t have any credit card information, no health records, no social security numbers. It was just a game. I came to realize that many hackers break in just for fun. Fun for them, a nightmare for you.

Hacking is big business and getting bigger. If you don’t take it seriously, your entire business could go down the tubes. Facebook gets 600,000 hack attempts per day. Your website is probably a bit smaller, but the hackers are out to get you too. Let’s talk about how to protect your business.

Take every precaution to protect your business. In this Startup Q&A I offer some tips on how to protect your assets.

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