WATCH: Building an Email List & Online Stores – Trajan King

WATCH: Building an Email List & Online Stores

“Why? why? why? why? why? why?”

This is part of a recent conversation I had with my 3 year old niece.  Kids love to ask “why?” to get the heart of understanding an issue.  We should be doing the same as adults.  Stepping back from whatever we’re involved with and asking a lot of “why?” questions can help get to the root of what are motivations are and why we get up in the morning.  Understanding and defining “why” can help you get focused on the right things, which ultimately will make you more productive and more happy.

I explore this issue in this Startup Q&A, along with some tips to get focused so your efforts are more targeted.

Start building your email list

One of the most important things we discuss is the importance of building an email list. It’s one of the first things you should do when starting a website or a blog. The reason is simple, you control the email list. You can contact people on your list an any time. You can’t say the same for social media platforms. They control who sees you posts.

If you’ve been around long enough you remember when people who liked your Facebook page saw nearly all your posts. Now practically no one seems them unless you pay Facebook. That’s why your email list is your asset. Start building it today and you’ll be happy you did.


0:00 – How to build your contact list by offering something of value
2:45 – Never buy email lists
3:20 – Lessons from a 3 year old and why we do what we do
4:15 – What is the lifestyle you want to build?
4:55 – Turnkey online ecommerce stores to launch quickly
7:10 – Social media scheduling
8:00 – Pick the right platform

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