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How to Add Value with Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing: 3 Ways To Provide Value

Some people just seem to know everyone. Going to an event and they are under the spot light, seeing them on every social network, people promoting their stuff and experts talk highly about them. They use relationship marketing effortlessly.

Imagine talking to your friends about their biggest interest that you’ve had experienced. You’re describing your experience they dream about and all focus is on you.

You talk with passion, you smile with your eyes, and you tell a story.

Imagine having this relationship with experts and influencers in your field.

People recommend you to other people, experts need your help, and all your products and services are crushing it.

You can have all this!

Don’t get me wrong, the relationships you build will not guarantee success if you don’t bring value on a high level.

Here are 3 Steps To Provide Value
Don’t be afraid to take the first step

People LOVE getting approached. When people reach out to us we feel special and not overlooked.

Even if you have a question, want to help, or just want to say thank you and give a compliment.

If you have a blog or a podcast that would be of value to the expert you’re reaching out to then suggest an interview or a guest post to show your appreciation.

Remember that people love to talk about themselves. Ask good questions such as “what’s your story” or “what are you struggling with right now”.

This is so easy but we often find us asking the same boring and awkward questions such as “oh, so is it fun to manage social media accounts?”.

Don’t be afraid to stand out with your questions.

Make it easy for them

People are busy. Successful people are the busiest.

However, what if you do reach out to them in a successful way that could lead to a job opportunity or an influential friend that will introduce you to other successful people?

They WILL get your email and they WILL appreciate it, as long as you make it easy for them.

Want to use some of their advices and have some questions? Tell them about how you will use their advice and if you should do A or B.

Bad Example: “Hi Trajan, I love your content and I want to start recording more videos, where should I start?”

Good Example: “Hi Trajan, I loved the video where you talked about how to create videos and how it can help entrepreneurs embrace the growth of video and do it good.

I’m a business owner and we do x and x for y. I want to start recording more videos for my tribe but am not sure of witch angle to record from.

I’m between close in front-recording and a mix of in front and side-recording.

Which do you prefer?”

You see the difference?

Another example is if you want to help the expert out. Instead of letting them know that they can “let you know if you can help them with anything”, you can use something like this.

“Hi Trajan, you have some great videos for your community with valuable content on x that I will try out myself.

I’m a recording and video expert and I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and businesses like x.

I would love to be the guy for you when you record and help you review your current videos to make them even better.”

The difference in the good and the bad emails of these two examples?

Making it easy.

You see, I don’t ask them random questions instead I specify it and narrow it down. They don’t have to think or do some work, they know what I do, how I can help them, and what they’ll get and improve.

Don’t ask them to come up with things you can help them with, instead show them what value you can give and how.

Behavior Analysis

We are all different, that’s a fact. It’s very easy to forget that and that what works for/with someone might not work for/with others.

This is not only with the experts but also with your tribe and followers.

Do you see the ones that are more active, asking questions, answering questions, answering your emails? They might be your action takers.

You should define how experts or your tribe behave so you can easily connect with them in their way.

It can be through courses, products, or videos if that makes them engage and get involved. It can also be through live meetings or even on the social network THEY hang out the most.

To sum it all up for you, here are the 3 steps:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take the first step
  2. Make it easy for them
  3. Behavior Analysis

The challenge for you is to take the first step and make it easy for others to use relationship marketing.

Guest post by Jossif Elefteriadis, who is a marketing strategist who helps people build valuable relationships. 

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